Blackmagic Cinema Camera

We are pleased to announce the arrival this week of the highly anticipated Blackmagic Cinema Camera (BMCC)

The BMCC adds a unique new format to our Digital Cinema lineup, and offers our customers an extremely affordable solution for shooting high quality film-like images.

The camera is built around a form factor familiar to DSLR users, but adds the RAW and LOG-style image flexibility previously seen in high end cameras from other manufacturers. With 13 stops of dynamic, and the ability to record images in 2.5k RAW, the BMCC will offer amazing flexibility in post. Images can be recorded in Apple Pro Res, Avid DNxHD or 2.5k RAW

The great news for DSLR shooters, is the camera has a native EF mount, meaning Canon EF lenses can be used without adapters on the camera. This can help to extend your budget if you already own good lenses. Alternatively, we have a great range of EF Lenses including a set of 7 Zeiss CP2 Compact Prime cine lenses that have a native EF Mount.

As with all the cameras in our inventory, HD Rentals offer an extensive range of accessories to suit the BMCC, including rail plates, shoulder rigs, matte box, follow focus, filters, monitors and audio solutions.