Camera, Audio, Lighting Equipment Hire – Perth

HD Rentals is Perth’s premier supplier of film and television production equipment. We have all the gear you need, including Cameras, Lighting, Grip, and Sound equipment.

Our products include:

Cameras Broadcast Cameras, Sony DF3, DSLR, Compact HD, GoPro & POV, Camera Accessories
Lenses Broadcast Lenses, PL Super 35, Canon EF, Filters, Adapters, Lens Accessories
Lighting HMI, Tungsten, LED, Scrims & Cutters, Accessories, Consumables
Grip Tripods, Jibs & Dollies, Frames, Stands
Audio Sound Kits, Mixers, Radio Mics, Cabled Mics, Recorders, Sound Accessories
Other Monitors, Recorders & Decks

If we don’t have what you’re after in stock, let us know and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

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