Chrosziel 5.65″ x 5.65″ Matte Box

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Chrosziel 5.65″ x 5.65″ Matte Box
The Chrosziel MB-840 Matte Box is a swing-away production matte box available from HD Rentals in a 15mm (Lightweight) configuration. We can also supply a Clamp-on adapter. A variety of donuts are available for both Cine Lenses and HD Broadcast Lenses, including a 114mm donut compatible with all of our Zeiss Compact Primes. We also have a range of filters available. Included Items:
  • French Flag
  • Side Wings
  • Donuts
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HALF DAY   : $35.00
FULL DAY   : $50.00
WEEK   : $200.00
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